Planning a Legislative Visit

Here are several examples of forms that can be used to plan a lobby visit with a Legislator, Congressperson, or staff member:

US Criminal Justice Legislation - 2019-2020

Lehigh Valley - Congressional Represenatatives
  • HR-771 - Higher Education Act (HEA). This bill, which re-authorizes funding for higher education needs to include lifting the ban on Pell Grants for incarcerated people.
    See this commentary (from FCNL)

Pennsylvania Criminal Justice Legislation - 2019-2020

Pennsylvania Legislators representing the Lehigh Valley

Proposed Legislation (not yet introduced, seeking co-sponsors):

ACLU-PA (American Civil Liberties Union)

ACLU Bill Tracker

ACLU tracks Pennsylvania bills on several topics related to criminal justice, including
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Death Penalty
  • Drug Policy Reform
  • Due Process
  • Police Practices
  • Prisoner's Rights
  • Racial Justice
The bill tracker includes a summary of the bill's provisions, it's status in the legislative process, ACLU's position (for or against the bill), and sometimes other commentaries. (Use the pull-down menu to see bills on a specific topic.)

Amnesty International (USA)

Death Penalty

Solitary Confinement

Pennsylvania Council of Churches - Ministry of Public Advocacy

PACC/MPA website has information about legislation, educational resources, and advocacy on many different topics, including these:

Criminal Justice

State Innovation Exchange (SiX)

SiX, which prepares model legislation for state legislators, is intended to be a progressive alternative to the corporate-funded ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council). SiX is focusing on two areas of legislation: Carbon Reduction and Criminal Justice Reform.

Criminal Justice Model Legislation

  • Repeal Stand Your Ground
  • Electronic Recording of Interrogations
  • Prohibit Profiling
  • Bail Reform

NPR commentary about SiX

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Created: July 17, 2019