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  New Jersey - Closing Abusive Women's Prison

  Juvenile Justice / Pipeline-to-Prison:

  Also, see what else is happening in Pennsylvania.

  Illinois: End of Cash Bail:

  New District Attorneys in Los Angeles and New Orleans:

  Virginia: End of Cash Bail?:

  • Fairfax judge rules cash bond unconstitutional (Virginia Mercury: Nov. 13, 2020)
    A circuit court judge in Fairfax appears to be the first in Virginia to rule that keeping an indigent defendant in jail in lieu of a cash bond is unconstitutional, writing that it violates the Due Process Clause by forcing poor people awaiting trial to remain confined in jail while the wealthy walk free.

  Michigan: Jail and Pretrial Reform Legislation:

  Response to COVID-19 Pandemic:

  Restorative Justice

  Public Defenders and "Holistic Defense"

  Federal Legislation on Criminal Justice Reform - the First Step Act
  NPR Series on Women in Prison (2018-2020):
  CALIFORNIA - end of cash bail:
  NEW JERSEY - end of cash bail:

  NEW YORK - end of cash bail:

  Gun Violence:

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